Google released an update to its algorithm for ranking product reviews on April 12, 2023. The update is called the “April 2023 Reviews Update” and it focuses on signals of experience. In many cases, the impact is felt on and after April 20th. 

The update is accompanied by new Google Search Central documentation that offers direction to the kind of content that Google’s Reviews System Algorithm may be looking for. The documentation states that the algorithm is looking for evidence of Experience, such as:

The update is significant because it is the first time that Google has explicitly stated that it is ranking product reviews based on experience. This is a positive development for consumers, as it is likely to lead to more accurate and informative product reviews.

Despite the label “product reviews” this change has impacted companies of all types, hitting those with low quality or low volume of leads. 

In the past, Google’s algorithm for ranking product reviews has been criticized for being too focused on factors such as the number of reviews and the star rating. This led to a situation where reviews that were sometimes not well-written or irrelevant to the user’s query could rank higher than reviews that were. Relevance is a key principle of Google’s ranking systems both paid and organic. 

The April 2023 Reviews Update is a step in the right direction, as it will help to ensure that the highest-ranking reviews are those that are written by experts who have experience with the product. For service based companies, this will be actual customers reviewing the service, or the installed product. This will make it easier for consumers to find the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

The update is likely to have a significant impact on the way that product reviews are written and published. In order to rank well in Google’s search results, authors will need to focus on providing comprehensive and objective reviews that demonstrate their expertise and experience with the product. This will require more effort and time on the part of authors, but it will be worth it in the end, as their reviews will be more likely to be seen by potential customers.

The April 2023 Reviews Update is a positive development for both consumers and authors, albeit potentially damaging to businesses that have low quality, or volume or reviews. It will help consumers to find the information they need to make informed purchase decisions, and it will help authors to get their reviews seen by more people.

Why Is Google Making Changes Like This?

There are a few reasons why Google is making these changes. First, Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience. When users are looking for product reviews, they want to be able to find reviews that are accurate, informative, and helpful. By focusing on signals of experience, Google can help to ensure that its users are getting the best possible information.

Second, Google wants to make sure that its search results are fair and unbiased. In the past, it was possible for businesses to manipulate Google’s algorithm by creating fake reviews or paying for positive reviews. By focusing on signals of experience, Google can help to ensure that its search results are not influenced by these factors.

Finally, Google wants to help businesses succeed. By providing consumers with access to high-quality product reviews, Google can help businesses to attract new customers and grow their business.

What Can A Business Do?

In addition to making recommendations on how to write a review, it’s important to 

In Conclusion.

The next generation of Google search will be validated Using Google My Business, utilizing business submitted data and user generated data. This move by Google is designed to increase the relevance to the end use. 

Overall, our strategy of promoting the expertise, certified, licensed, full service, turnkey and other long term statements will continue to resonate with Google based on their overarching guidance. However, to take advantage of the changing landscape, an increase in local content specifically reviews is becoming a critical component of Being Found On Google going forward.